Summary and Analysis Chapter 26



At the time of the first scheduled meeting on the moors, Linton is not at the agreed-upon spot; rather, he is quite close to Wuthering Heights. Both Nelly and Cathy are concerned about Linton's health, but he insists that he is getting stronger. During their entire visit he is squeamish and scared and is constantly looking back towards his house. When it is time to leave, Cathy assures Linton that she promises to meet him again next Thursday. On the way home Cathy and Nelly discuss Linton's health and decide to wait until the next visit to determine the extent of his deterioration.


Cathy has mixed emotions about meeting her cousin and senses that Heathcliff is the one pushing for them to meet. Readers, who already know of Heathcliff's plans, realize that Cathy has a reason to be cautious.

Linton is clearly dying, yet his father is still using him as a means of revenge. Nelly's inability to reveal anything to Edgar foreshadows the forthcoming abduction.


pertinacious persistent.

bilberries any of several North American species of blueberries.

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