Summary and Analysis Act III: The Exorcism: Scene vi


In this final, brief, but very moving scene between George and Martha, usually played in a very subdued, low-keyed manner, Martha is still hesitant to accept the death of their imaginary son. Even George falters for a moment when he says: "It will be better . . . maybe." George realizes that they have played with the imaginary child far too long, but he too seems to be afraid of facing reality.

When Martha says "I don't suppose, maybe we could . . ." the implication is that maybe they could find a new type of game for their escapism, but George, while fearful, will not agree.

Consequently, the two characters have divested themselves of their illusions and will now have to face reality completely alone. They are weakened, chastised, and subdued by the events of the evening, and they are now two very frightened and pitiable characters, but they are also two human beings who are communicating with each other with honesty and without illusion.

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