Summary and Analysis Act II: Walpurgisnacht: Scenes v-vi


In scene v, Nick tells of his resentment about the story George has revealed and threatens to get even with George and then exits to look after Honey. After he is gone, George and Martha argue about the events of the night.

In the conversation between George and Martha, George tells her of his resentment of the humiliating way she has treated him. Martha assumes that George is masochistic enough that he wants to be treated (or humiliated) the way he has been: "YOU CAN STAND IT!! YOU MARRIED ME FOR IT!!" She believes that George needs her to whip him so that he will not have to take any blame for his failures. Although George sees the truth in this, he feels she has gone too far and his future actions will allow him to try to correct this situation. The scene ends with both declaring "total war" against each other.

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