Study Help Essay Questions


1. Discuss the various uses by London of anthropomorphism — that is, the assigning of human qualities to non-humans.

2. Trace White Fang's development from a puppy to a fully grown animal. Think especially of White Fang's change from a domineering, vicious animal of the wild to that of a totally civilized animal.

3. Because Part One of the novel takes place before White Fang is born, justify the inclusion of this part of the novel, dealing with the episode of Henry and Bill, who are never heard from or seen again in the course of the novel.

4. Compare and/or contrast White Fang's three masters: Gray Beaver, Beauty Smith, and Weedon Scott.

5. Discuss how the idea of the "survival of the fittest" is used throughout this novel.

6. Compare and/or contrast life in the Northland to that of life in the Southland.

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