Character List


Human Beings

Gray Beaver The Indian who first owns Kiche, White Fang's mother, and the man who later owns White Fang. Gray Beaver represents a type of impersonal master in White Fang's life. As such, he will stand in contrast to such savage owners as Beauty Smith and such compassionate owners as Weedon Scott. Essentially, Gray Beaver respects White Fang because he is a dog of many uses. Because of this, Gray Beaver is quite willing to give White Fang food, protection, and shelter in exchange for White Fang's obedience and work. When Gray Beaver comes under the addiction of alcohol, he exchanges White Fang to the vicious and cruel Beauty Smith — simply to get whiskey.

Kloo-kooch Gray Beaver's wife.

Mit-sah Gray Beaver's son; he is responsible for training White Fang for the fan-like trace.

Beauty Smith A vicious, evil man, extremely hideous in appearance; London calls him a "monstrosity." His outer hideousness represents the corruption of his soul. Smith, who is hated by the world, uses White Fang as an object on which he can vent his own hatred. He seems to take an inner satisfaction out of deliberately tormenting White Fang physically, with jabs and punches and whips, or else tormenting White Fang mentally, with derision and laughter. He uses the dog only to gain money; otherwise, he does not respond to the dog.

Tim Keenan The owner of a bulldog named Cherokee. When Cherokee and White Fang fight, Keenan is somewhat of a passive onlooker, and he is not resentful when Weedon Scott breaks up the fight between the two dogs.

Weedon Scott He is the most important character in the novel because he represents the compassionate, humane, and kind human being who, through patience and understanding, is able to transform White Fang from a wild beast into a civilized animal. He is the only one who understands that an animal needs more than just to be fed — it also needs attention and love. In return for his companionship and love, White Fang gives Scott his complete love and devotion; he is totally obedient to him.

Matt Weedon Scott's assistant; even though Matt is in charge of feeding White Fang every day, White Fang's total allegiance belongs to Weedon Scott.

Judge Scott and Alice Scott Weedon Scott's parents; they own a huge estate in the Sierra Vista Valley in California.

Beth Scott Weedon Scott's sister.

Jim Hall An incorrigible villain; he kills three guards and escapes from San Quentin. White Fang saves Judge Scott's life when Hall tries to murder the Judge.

Bill and Henry Two sled drivers who appear in the first section of the novel, before White Fang is born.


White Fang This dog is actually three-fourths wolf and one part dog. He possesses all of the intelligence of the dog family, along with the quickness and the slyness of the wolf family. From his very first weeks, White Fang proves that he is the strongest of the litter; he survives a famine that kills his brothers and sisters. Later, he gains a reputation for being one of the most savage dogs in the North. However, under the tutelage of a gentle master, White Fang eventually develops into a civilized animal.

Kiche The she-wolf who appears in the first part of the novel; she lures sled dogs away from the team of Henry and Bill. She is later the mother of White Fang.

One Eye An old scarred wolf hound who sires White Fang.

Lip-lip One of the dogs in Gray Beaver's camp; he makes life miserable for the younger and smaller White Fang.

Cherokee A bulldog belonging to Tim Keenan; he almost kills White Fang before Weedon Scott separates them.

Collie A female sheepdog whose initial animosity towards White Fang is equaled only by her later passion for him.

Dick Judge Scott's loyal and gentle deerhound.

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