Summary and Analysis Act II: Arrival of Boy Messenger


Vladimir's depression is suddenly interrupted by the appearance of a boy. Since this boy asserts that he was not here yesterday, he has to be a different one. However, the message that he brings is identical to the one brought yesterday by a boy: Mr. Godot will not come this evening but he will surely come tomorrow, without fail. Thus Vladimir finds that there is absolutely nothing to do but wait for Godot. But in view of the message from the boy of the preceding day, the assurance that Godot will come tomorrow is lacking in conviction.

Upon questioning the boy further, Vladimir discovers two things — that Mr. Godot "does nothing" and that he has a white beard. Since God is sometimes viewed as a Supreme Entity doing nothing and possessing a long white beard, then if Godot is God, there can be little or no hope for God's intervention in the affairs of men. Instead, man must continue to stumble through this muckheap, this ash can of a world. Vladimir tells the boy to inform Mr. Godot that "you saw me." Vladimir is so insistent on the fact that the boy has indeed seen him that he makes "a sudden spring forward." This frightens the boy, and he quickly runs offstage.