Study Help Essay Questions


1. Romantic conventions appear in many sections of The Winter's Tale. Name three influences on events at the sheep-shearing feast. Identify Romantic conventions in relation to some settings in this play. Comment on any which might have damaged the ending of this play.

2. Is Leontes the same loving husband and friend at the end of this play as he was at the beginning? If not, why not?

3. How does Shakespeare use characterization to threaten, then save, the infant Perdita? Use quotations if they help.

4. Describe how Shakespeare sets up and resolves the basic problem in this play.

5. Identify at least three parallels between the main plot and the subplot in The Winter's Tale. Is the effect an enhancement or a redundancy?

6. How does Autolycus gather passengers into the boat which is sailing from Bohemia?

7. Identify the major conflict in The Winter's Tale. How is the conflict resolved?

8. How probable are the events in Act V?

9. Paulina has often been described as a character whose actions grow from motivation. What is her motivation? Is she likable?

10. Is it unrealistic to portray a man, like Leontes, who kills indiscriminately because of unjustifiable jealousy?

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