Character Analysis Waitwell


The valet is obviously very clever and himself a wit of some accomplishment:

Married, knighted, and attended all in one day! 'Tis enough to make any man forget himself. The difficulty will be how to recover my acquaintance and familiarity with my former self, and fall from my transformation to a reformation into Waitwell. Nay, I shan't be quite the same Waitwell neither: for now, I remember me, I'm married and can't be my own man again.

Aye, there's the grief: that's the sad change of life,
To lose my title, and yet keep my wife.

As Sir Rowland he performs well but must perform as a burlesque of the gentleman. It is one of the conventions of the drama of the time that the servant will try to model himself on his master. He is, therefore, an awkward imitation of Mirabell. Only Lady Wishfort could be taken in by him.

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