Character Analysis Petulant

Petulant is best characterized by his name. Obviously, as young Witwoud is excessively good-natured, not even recognizing an insult, Petulant is ill-natured, too eager to prove himself by ill manners. He too, like young Witwoud, is a pretender to status. He is a liar, says young Witwoud, a poser, and, of course, petulant.

He is an interesting specimen in that he talks of "having a humour" to do something or other — the sure sign that he is affecting the humour, although it may by long use have come to be, by Congreve's distinction, a habit.

Pop Quiz!

Lady Wishfort, who is __________ years old, is vain and susceptible to false flattery.


What is the exact quote in Hamlet about something being wrong in Denmark? Something smells? Something is amiss?

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