Study Help Practice Projects


1. Write a letter, dated 1978, from Landon to a former classmate. What has happened in Landon's life since 1958? Is Jamie alive? If so, did they have a family? Did Landon attend UNC? What does he do for a living?

2. Research leukemia treatment today to discern whether Landon's statement that "these days it might have been different" is correct. Forty years later, would Jamie still have been given only a year to live after her diagnosis?

3. A multicultural novel is one in which diverse ethnicities, experiences, and values are represented in the characters. By contrast, A Walk to Remember might be considered a monocultural novel — that is, representing one ethnicity and its cultural perspective, values, and experiences — although readers do not know this for sure given that only Jamie's white-skinned, brown-haired, blue-eyed appearance is described in the novel. What are some clues to the cultural heritage of the rest of the characters in A Walk to Remember? Is it possible, for example, that Eric Hunter and Margaret Hays are African American? Research public schools in North Carolina in 1958 to determine the approximate ethnical and racial makeup of the student body at Beaufort High School.

4. Knowing what you do about Jamie Sullivan's character, write the scene at the Homecoming Dance (in Chapter 3) from her perspective.