Character List


Landon Carter The 17-year-old narrator of the story, who comes of age as a result of the events that unfold his senior year of high school; an older Landon, 40 years in the future, also tells part of the story.

Jamie Sullivan A young woman who is kind to everyone but suffers from a deadly form of leukemia.

Reverend Hegbert Sullivan Jamie's father and the minister of a Southern Baptist Church.

Worth Carter Landon's father, a United States congressman.

Mrs. Carter Landon's mother, who is helpful and sympathetic to Landon's love of Jamie.

Grandfather Carter A mean, self-interested, borderline criminal who "earns" the family money by foreclosing on the homes and businesses of the poor.

Eric Hunter Landon's best friend; one of the best athletes in the school, but not a serious student. He often teases Landon about Jamie.

Margaret Hays Eric's girlfriend, a cheerleader.

Miss Garber The drama teacher at the high school.

John Foreman An unsuccessful candidate for student body president.

Maggie Brown An unsuccessful candidate for student body president.

Angela Clark Landon's junior-year girlfriend, now dating an older man.

Lew Angela Clark's boyfriend; a 20-year-old mechanic who smokes and drinks.

Carey Dennison The student body treasurer, who is in competition with Landon for which girl to take to the Homecoming Dance.

Mrs. Hastings Jamie's neighbor, who watches Jamie and Landon on Jamie's porch.