Character List


Volpone A rich Venetian nobleman who compounds his wealth by feigning fatal illness while promising several greedy friends he will make them his heir.

Mosca A parasite, Mosca is a fellow of no birth, without hope of worldly advancement beyond sharing the ill-gotten gains of his master. He is Volpone's chief minister and plot-maker.

Voltore This vulture is an advocate who can speak well in any cause. He aids Mosca to fleece others, thinking that the wealth will eventually come to him.

Corbaccio An extremely old gentleman, Corbaccio expects to dance on Volpone's grave. He disinherits his son to make his position as Volpone's heir secure.

Corvino A typical jealous husband who is persuaded by his greed to look like a cuckold.

Celia Corvino's beautiful wife.

Bonario A young gentleman of Venice, son to Corbaccio, and an honest man.

Sir Politic Would-be An English knight whose mind and notebooks are filled with naive intrigues and political plots.

Lady Would-be Sir Politic's loquacious and homely wife, who attempts to join the greedy gulls in fleecing Volpone.

Peregrine An English tourist in Venice.

Nano Volpone's dwarf.

Androgyno A hermaphrodite and professional fool employed in Volpone's household.

Castrone Volpone's servant, a eunuch.

Four Avocatori, a Notario, Officers of the Court, and three Mercatori These extras round out the persons needed to conduct the business of the court and expose the plotters.

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