Summary and Analysis Part 4: Chapter 7



The flashback scene in the counting house continues. At the very moment when Ricardo is proposing to "plug" Heyst or "rip him up," Heyst intrudes on the conversation to warn them about Wang. Ricardo thinks this is a trick of the Swede's to conceal his money by pretending that Wang has stolen it. Even Jones is much disturbed and goes outside. Ricardo has a hard time persuading him back to his cot.

Although Ricardo rejects Heyst's story, he does believe in Lena. His own fatuous confidence leads him to trust that Lena is on his side and will make sure that neither Heyst nor Wang gets away with the treasure.

Intoxicated with his dreams of joyous possibilities in the near future, Ricardo goes back into the counting house, fishes a mirror out of his suitcase, and shaves. He sees Jones watching him.

Ricardo says he will get Heyst over for the game of cards this very evening. He parries Jones' questions and slips out. He no longer feels comfortable in his master's presence.


Ricardo's lively ferocity takes a new direction in this chapter. It swings to a new angle. He can see himself in conflict with Jones. Lena is the cause. Her Victory is in sight.