Summary and Analysis Part 4: Chapter 6



Ricardo, lounging in front of the old counting house, sees Pedro coming and scents some new development. He spurns Pedro's news, tells him they already know about the woman, and sends him back to his cooking. Ricardo spots the two white sun helmets moving off into the jungle.

Now the story flashes back to this same morning when Ricardo returns from his bedroom encounter with Lena. Jones accuses Ricardo of loafing, but Ricardo assures his master that he has made progress in locating the treasure and is sure of success if Jones will only trust him. They discuss Jones' conversation with Heyst, and Ricardo is chiefly concerned over whether Heyst gives evidence of wanting to "prance."

Jones says he has a peculiar feeling about this venture. It is not like any of the others they have pulled off: "It's sort of a test." Jones explains to Ricardo that he would like best to have a card game with Heyst and let him lose the money instead of being forced to hand it over. Jones says he has been hounded out of his rightful place in society by men just like Heyst, and it will please him to put an end to Heyst in a "gentlemanly way."

This plan is not acceptable to Ricardo's savage and violent nature, but he finally agrees when Jones tells him that he will be allowed to watch the game. Ricardo doesn't mind using Jones' more refined method just so long as he is free to "plug" Heyst or "rip him up" whenever he thinks the time has come.