Summary and Analysis Part 4: Chapter 4



Heyst, waiting at the breakfast table, is startled by Lena's pale face and lifeless eyes. He is also puzzled by Wang's tardiness. He calls and Wang comes in and serves breakfast. All the time Wang is serving, he watches Lena. She looks to him as though she might have been wrestling with an evil spirit which has "torn half her blood out of her." Wang has long regarded Heyst as a man bewitched. Now he knows that his master is doomed. He will leave at once.

Lena finds it hard to eat. She understands Ricardo perfectly because of their common origin in the dregs of society. She is sure that she has fooled him into keeping quiet for a while. Overcome by weakness, she allows Heyst to carry her to bed, where she falls into profound sleep.

Heyst, deeply troubled by this new development, sits down to read, but Wang interrupts him with an announcement of his intention to leave at once. Heyst asks his reason and Wang says he does not like the visitors. He points at the bedroom curtain and says, "Me no likee."

Heyst doesn't understand. Then Wang holds up two fingers and says "two." Heyst still can't understand and Wang adds, "Suppose you savee, you no like that fashion."

Heyst accuses Wang of stealing his revolver. Although Wang has taken the gun, he stoutly denies it. Still puzzled, Heyst decides that while Lena is asleep, he will go over and warn Mr. Jones of this new development. He surprises the two villains in earnest conversation.