Character Analysis Gentleman Jones


He may be a materialization of the devil, himself. He gives enough evidence of Satanic origin. His real name is not Jones; yet he gives the impression of being a gentleman. He claims that he once moved in the highest society. By the objective viewpoint — never entering his mind — Conrad makes Jones a most diabolical villain, larger than life. He appears as a hideous specter, an animated corpse, calculating, cruel, and ruthless as the devil he symbolizes. Conrad does not motivate Jones. He tells nothing of his childhood nor of the sinister forces that shaped him into the embodiment of cold horror. With casual insolence, Jones staggers through the plot spreading terror and death. He has one weakness — he loathes women-which proves his undoing in the end. He shoots his accomplice, Ricardo, as well as Lena. Then, by accident, or by intention, he takes his own life.