Study Help Practice Projects


1. Select a scene or group of scenes, of whatever combined length seems appropriate, given your time and resources, as the basis of a doll- or puppet-theater (or "claymation," or other figure-animation) dramatic presentation based on Uncle Tom's Cabin. Write a script, make or adapt figures of the characters, make costumes or sets if necessary, and produce a video of your scene or scenes. You may choose to follow Stowe's book and dialogue loosely or exactly. (This might be an interesting group project.)

2. Create a painting, collage, or other visual presentation based on Uncle Tom's Cabin. This could be a realistic, representational drawing or sketch of a scene, setting, character or characters, or an abstract composition (perhaps based on the book's structure — see "A Mosaic of Motion and Conflict" in the Critical Essays of this guide), or anything else that the novel suggests to you.