Character List


Uncle Tom The central character, a slave belonging to Shelby.

Eliza and George Harris Mrs. Shelby's servant and her husband; they have a young son, Harry.

Arthur, Emily, and George Shelby A Kentucky farmer (Tom and Eliza's owner), his wife, and teenaged son.

Aunt Chloe Tom's wife; she is the Shelbys' cook.

Dan Haley A slave trader.

Tom Loker and Marks Slave-catchers.

Senator and Mrs. Bird An Ohio couple who help Eliza.

Simeon and Rachel Halliday A Quaker couple who help Eliza.

Augustine, Marie, and Eva St. Clare A New Orleans man who buys Tom from Haley; his wife; and their daughter.

Ophelia St. Clare St. Clare's cousin from Vermont.

Adolph, Mammy, Jane, and Rosa Some of St. Clare's slaves.

Topsy A little slave girl whom St. Clare buys for his cousin.

Simon Legree A plantation owner who buys Tom at auction.

Sambo and Quimbo Legree's slave overseers.

Cassy Legree's slave mistress and Eliza's mother.