Study Help Essay Questions


1. From the first to the final story, trace Bayard's development from a young child, playing war games, to a fully mature man of courage.

2. Discuss Ringo's change in character as a result of the color of his skin; in the early stories, he assumes a role equal to Bayard, but in the later stories he is denied participation in the actions of the stories.

3. Characterize Granny's religious views.

4. What characteristics does Colonel Sartoris possess that make him so idolized by the people of the county?

5. Who are "the unvanquished" of these stories?

6. What are some of the values attached to "the old order" of the South?

7. Why does Bayard avenge his grandmother's death, but then refuse to avenge his own father's death?

8. What is the relationship between Colonel Sartoris and Drusilla?

9. Characterize Ab Snopes and his relationship to "the old order" of the South.

10. Would you consider this book to be a collection of short stories, dealing with the same characters, or is it more of a novel with a definite structure of its own? Why or why not?