Summary and Analysis Act V: Scenes 1-3



Eglamour and Silvia flee to the forest, where she is captured by the outlaws. As they take her away to their captain (Valentine), she exclaims: 'O Valentine, this I endure for thee." Meantime, a session in which Proteus advises Thurio on his progress with Silvia is interrupted by the Duke, who tells them of Eglamour and Silvia's flight. They exist separately.

Proteus: And I will follow more for Silvia's love
Julia: Than hate of Eglamour, that goes with her. And I will follow, more to cross that love
Than hate for Silvia, that is gone for love. (53–56)


Shakespeare speeds up the plot by his usual technique of quickly interchanging scenes. The three here, a) Silvia fleeing; b) the Duke and others pursuing them; and c) Silvia's capture by outlaws, take up roughly seventy lines. The pleasant irony of Silvia's last "despairing' line is obvious, as is much in this romantic tale.

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