Study Help Practice Projects

1. Assume the role of one of the following characters: Aunt Alexandra, Miss Stephanie Crawford, Mrs. Grace Merriweather, Miss Gates, Calpurnia, Helen Robinson, Dill, Mr. Gilmer, Walter Cunningham, Dolphus Raymond, Reverend Skyes, or Mr. Underwood. Tell Tom's story from that character's perspective, and then deliver a speech, in character, to defend or accuse Tom of raping Mayella.

2. Search the Web for information about the civil rights movement. Choose one person involved in the movement with whom you're not already familiar and present an oral biography of that person based on your Internet research.

3. Create a collage that represents some aspect of the civil rights movement.

4. Based on the information in To Kill a Mockingbird, draw a picture of Boo Radley.

5. Select a song that represents one of the themes in To Kill a Mockingbird. Play the song for your class and discuss your choice and the theme it represents.

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