Study Help Practice Projects


1. Perspective and point of view are essential to understanding any literary text. Focus on Micah and consider the events that transpire in Three Weeks with My Brother from his perspective. Prepare an argument in which you make the case for Micah being considered the protagonist instead of Nicholas. Discuss the thematic significance of such an interpretation.

2. Choose one of the brothers and create a timeline chronicling the ten most significant events in that brother's life. Consider the impact of the event on the other's life. Discuss similarities and differences between responses.

3. Most high school English classes read the classics and tend to stick to fiction instead of nonfiction. Consider the pros and cons of using a memoir, like Three Weeks with My Brother, in a high school English class. Then hold a debate where you attempt to determine the appropriateness of this text for classroom use.

4. Knowing what you do about Cat, Christine, Dana, and Jill, write about an event mentioned in the memoir from the perspective of one of these minor yet significant characters who do not have a true voice of their own in Three Weeks with My Brother.

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