Character Analysis Nicholas


Nicholas is the main character of Three Weeks with My Brother. Although both brothers are mentioned in the title and are coauthors, Nicholas is the narrative voice, and readers experience his perspective on most of the events in both narrative threads. As a character, Nicholas represents true love, true faith, and true artistry. In one sense, Nicholas is a contemporary "everyman." He represents the typical middle child, who, growing up, often feels lost in the shuffle. He represents the committed father who works tirelessly to improve the quality of life for his children. He represents the ideal husband who loves his wife and works to maintain their personal relationship. And he represents the best possible brother anyone could hope for.

In many regards, Nicholas is the ideal man — faithful, idealistic, emotionally strong, a writer, and helpful to those in need. After enduring many tragedies, Nicholas Sparks is almost too good to be true. He has a strong relationship with family and a strong faith. Yet he does admit to his struggles with faith at times and realizes that he is not perfect: He is just trying to do the best with what he has been given. His own reflections and insights reveal that he is a real person and not just the creation of a literary artist.

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