Character Analysis Mr. Brown


Mr. Brown is the first white Christian missionary in Umuofia and Mbanta. He is a patient, kind, and understanding man. He is also open-minded and willing to make an effort to respect and understand the Igbo beliefs. Mr. Brown restrains overeager members of his church from provoking clan members; evidence that supports his shared belief with the Igbo people in the value of peaceful relations. He befriends many great men of the clan who begin to listen to and understand his message. He also discusses religious beliefs with Akunna, a clan leader of Umuofia. Neither man gives up his belief, but they learn about each other's faith and gain respect for one another.

Mr. Brown builds a school and a hospital in Umuofia. He urges the Igbo people to send their children to school and makes a point of giving gifts, such as singlets and towels to the children (and later to adults) who attend school. Mr. Brown tells the Igbo people that their future leaders will have to know how to read and write. He knows the British way — to do away with the traditional government of the Igbo people and instate their own form of government. Mr. Brown informs the Igbo people that they will need to adapt so they will not lose all their autonomy — and their traditional beliefs.