Study Help Essay Questions


1. Throughout Janie's life, she searches for true, unconditional love. In her search, she experiences different kinds of love. Describe the types of love she experiences. Which type of love has the most impact on her life? In the end, has Janie experienced true love, and, if so, has it changed her?

2. What role does Mrs. Turner play in the novel? Does Hurston use the character to make a universal statement about bigotry?

3. The pear trees, bees, and the horizon occur in several instances in Their Eyes Were Watching God. Discuss the significance of these symbols and metaphors in the novel.

4. What is the role of the porch sitters in Their Eyes Were Watching God? How do they contribute to the novel?

5. What is the significance of the title Their Eyes Were Watching God to the novel? Why would Hurston have chosen it?