Character Analysis Sam Watson


Sam Watson is undeniably a rank-and-file porch sitter, although he is often impatient with the gossips who gather on the porch. He is Pheoby's husband, and often he and Pheoby are buffers between Janie and the porch sitters. Sam's voice is one of moderation; his attitude is one of tolerance. He is most likely to speak up to defend Janie against the evil suspicions of the porch sitters, and he is often willing to chase the crowd from his porch when he tires of the chatter. He is a man with a pleasant sense of humor. Hurston does not tell her readers what work Sam does; his occupation is not important. His impatience with the porch sitters and his support of Janie are.

How will Sam respond when Pheoby impulsively tells him she wants to go on a picnic or go fishing on a summer afternoon? Chances are, Sam will think about it for a moment and then haul out the fishing lines.