Character Analysis Logan Killicks


Through Janie's unhappy comments, we learn that Logan Killicks is an old, unattractive man. Nanny, however, sees him as security for Janie. A hard-working farmer with 60 acres of land and a comfortable house, Logan does not have a major part in Janie's story, and yet he is a significant person in the culture of the South. He owns his own land, and he farms it successfully. He comes to call on Nanny, seeking what can be described only as a replacement for his first wife. Not until Nanny agrees to his marrying Janie does Janie realize why Logan has been coming around the house so often.

Back on the farm with his new, young wife, Logan continues to follow the demanding farm routines, and he does certain household chores as well, because he considers them to be his responsibility. He keeps the water buckets full and chops wood for the stove. These are acts of love that Logan understands. Janie, however, wants a different kind of love, one that begins with clean feet and trimmed toenails. In contrast, Logan needs more help from his bride with the outside work. For him, love is giving Janie a gentle mule so that she can help him plow the fields.

Logan is old and set in his ways; farm routines control his life. He knows Janie is a spoiled girl, and he is unable to understand the depth of her boredom. Soon after he plods off to get a gentle mule, Janie meets Joe Starks. It is not long before she leaves Logan complaining in the barnyard, returns to the house, and escapes down the road to meet Joe and to follow his dream. No more references are made to Logan in Janie's life.