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Shakespeare coined many popular phrases that are still commonly used today. Here are some examples of Shakespeare's most familiar quotes from The Taming of the Shrew. You just might be surprised to learn of all the everyday sayings that originally came from Shakespeare!

"I'll not budge an inch." (Induction, Scene I)

"There's small choice in rotten apples." (Act I, Scene I)

"Nothing comes amiss; so money comes withal." (Act I, Scene II)

"Tush! tush! fear boys with bugs." (Act I, Scene II)

"Who wooed in haste, and means to wed at leisure." (Act III, Scene II)

"And thereby hangs a tale." (Act IV, Scene I)

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Bartholomew, the page disguised as Sly’s wife, says she cannot sleep with Sly because


In The Three Musketeers by Dumas, Cardinal Richelieu is labeled as the villain. How could he be presented as a hero instead?

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