Study Help Practice Projects


1. Using the novel as a basis, design a Web page. Include links to all facets of the novel's composition, including Victorian fiction. Also include links to other Thomas Hardy pages on the Internet. Outline all major and minor characters in the novel as well as the elements of plot, setting, or natural devices. Describe the content that would be featured in the Web page.

2. Some may claim that Tess' mother sets her on the road to ruin; others may claim that Joan Durbeyfield is only trying to do what's best for her family and Tess. Evaluate whether you think Joan is a good or bad mother and use evidence from the novel to support your claim.

3. Tess has charged Alec with rape. Take the role of the defense attorney or the prosecuting attorney and assemble evidence from the novel that supports Alec's guilt or innocence.

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