Character List


Rosemary Hoyt Beautiful American ingenue who has just succeeded in a Hollywood film.

Elsie Speers Rosemary's calculating and opportunistic mother.

Luis Campion A homosexual Englishman who is vacationing at Gausse's Hotel.

Royal Dumphry Another homosexual who later appears suspiciously in the presence of Senor Real's son Francisco.

Albert McKisco A writer and critic whose works are derivatory and watered-down versions of more famous authors.

Violet McKisco His limited, yet ambitious, wife.

Mrs. Abrams A cheerful, elderly American lady who is among the guests at Causse's.

Dick Diver The promising young psychiatrist whose fall from fortune forms the main interest of the novel.

Nicole Diver The wealthy American woman whose mental illness first involves Dick Diver and, before she is completely cured, he marries her.

Lanier and Topsy The Diver children, a boy and a girl.

Abe North An American composer who, alcoholic and uninspired, has has not been able to write anything for seven years.

Mary North His patient wife who later marries a moneyed Hindu to become the Contessa di Minghetti.

Tommy Barban An acquaintance of the Divers whose business is war; he eventually seduces, then marries, Nicole.

Earl Brady A movie actor whom Rosemary visits while he is making a film on the Mediterranean.

Collis Clay A young Yale student, enamoured of Rosemary Hoyt, who first appears in Paris with the Divers' party.

Maria Wallis An acquaintance of the Divers who shoots an Englishman in the Parisian railroad station, the Gare Saint Lazare.

Freeman A black restaurateur arrested mistakenly for having robbed Abe North.

Jules Peterson Another black who had seen Abe North robbed; he is killed for complicity in confessing to the whites.

Franz Gregorovius A Swiss psychiatrist who becomes Dick Diver's partner in a new clinic.

Kaethe Gregorovius His domestic and plodding, though jealous, wife.

Doctor Dohmler The director of the Dohmler clinic; he originally interviewed Nicole's father and admitted Nicole, for treatment.

Devereux Warren Nicole's wealthy Chicago father; he is guilty of incest with his daughter.

Baby Warren Nicole's wealthy, calculating and unmarried sister.

Nicotera Rosemary Hoyt's leading man in a film being shot in Rome; the man who will probably be her fiance.

Senor Real A Spanish nobleman who brings his son to a Swiss clinic to be cured of homosexuality.

Francisco Senor Real's young homosexual son.

Lady Caroline Sibley-Biers The decadent English noblewoman whom Dick Diver rescues, with Mary Minghetti, from what seems to have been a lesbian escapade.

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