Character List


Roger Cly A police spy in England who faked his own funeral. He appears later as a prison spy in revolutionary France.

John Barsad, or Solomon Pross A police spy in England who becomes a spy in revolutionary France. Recognized as Miss Pross' brother, he is forced to help Carton save Darnay.

Monseigneur the Marquis A greedy, self-absorbed French aristocrat. He personifies all that is wrong with the upper classes in pre-Revolutionary France.

Marquis St. Evrémonde Darnay's uncle. An immoral, cruel man, he runs down a child with his carriage and is later murdered by the child's father.

Jacques One, Two, Three, and Four Members of the Jacquerie, the revolutionaries who organize and implement the French Revolution. The name comes from the nickname for peasants.

Théophile Gabelle An agent for the St. Evrémonde family. The revolutionaries imprison this man during the Revolution for handling some business affairs for Darnay. His letter begging for help sends Darnay back to France.

Gaspard A peasant. This man murders the Marquis St. Evrémonde for running down and killing his child.

Road-mender and Wood-sawyer A peasant. This man becomes a bloodthirsty revolutionist.

Young Lucie Darnay The daughter of Lucie and Charles Darnay. Madame Defarge threatens her life during the Reign of Terror.

Foulon A callous prison official who faked his own death. He is hanged and decapitated by a mob after they storm the Bastille.

The Vengeance The grocer's wife. Turned vicious by the Revolution, she becomes Madame Defarge's main companion.

A Seamstress A frightened young woman who is executed with Carton. She and Carton comfort each other on the way to the guillotine.