Character List


Meursault The narrator, an Algerian clerk who is sentenced to death for murdering an Arab.

Céleste Meursault's friend and owner of a restaurant where he usually dines.

Warden In charge of the old age home in Marengo where Meursault's mother dies.

Gatekeeper Inmate and employee in the same institution.

Pérez Close friend of Meursault's mother at the old age home.

Marie Cardona Meursault's mistress, formerly a typist and a stenographer in Meursault's office.

Emmanuel Another worker in Meursault's office.

Salamano Lives with his grotesque spaniel on Meursault's floor.

Raymond Sintès Lives on the same floor, reputed to be a pimp.

"Robot-woman" Woman who shares Meursault's table at Céleste's one day and later attends his trial.

Masson Owner of the cottage at the beach visited by Raymond, Meursault, and Marie on the day of the murder; friend of Raymond.

Examining Magistrate Conducts the preliminary interrogations.

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