Character List


Jason Compson III The cynical and detached father.

Caroline Compson The whining, selfish, neurotic mother.

Quentin Compson The oldest son who is overly sensitive of his sister's sin; he commits suicide by drowning on June 2, 1910.

Candace (Caddy) Compson The only Compson daughter; her promiscuity is one of the central narrative concerns of the novel.

Jason Compson IV The last male Compson since he will probably never marry.

Benjy (Benjamin — previously Maury) The youngest of the Compson children, whose name is changed when it is discovered that he is severely retarded.

Miss Quentin Caddy's daughter, who was born too soon after her mother's wedding and who is reared by the Compsons.

Uncle Maury Bascomb Mrs. Compson's worthless brother, who sponges off her.

Damuddy The children's (maternal?) grandmother, who dies in 1898.

Dilsey Gibson The black cook whose task it is to bring order out of the sound and fury created by the Compsons.

Roskus Dilsey's husband, who also works for the Compsons.

Versh and T. P. Dilsey's sons, who are Benjy's keepers during the earlier parts of Benjy's life.

Frony Dilsey's daughter, who helps out in the kitchen.

Luster Frony's son (probably), who is Benjy's attendant in the present action.

Dalton Ames He is one of Caddy's lovers and is probably the father of Caddy's child.

Gerald Bland A fellow student at Harvard who reminds Quentin of Dalton Ames.

Mrs. Bland Gerald's mother, who brags about her son's conquests with women.

Charlie Caddy's earliest boyfriend; Benjy discovers him in the swing with Caddy.

Deacon An old black character at Harvard whom Quentin entrusts with his suicide letters.

Earl Owner of the hardware store where Jason Compson IV works.

(Sydney) Herbert Head The man whom Caddy marries when she discovers that she is pregnant and has to marry someone.

Uncle Job An old black man who also works for Earl, Jason's employer.

Julio The brother of the little Italian girl who attaches herself to Quentin.

Lorraine The mistress Jason keeps in Memphis.

Shreve MacKenzie Quentin Compson's Canadian roommate at Harvard. (Shreve MacKenzie becomes Shreve McCannon in Absalom, Absalom!)

Mrs. Patterson The woman with whom Uncle Maury is having an affair.

Mr. Patterson Her husband, who discovers the affair and assaults Uncle Maury.

Reverend Shegog A wise black preacher who delivers an effective sermon on Easter Sunday.