Study Help Essay Questions


1. Suicide is defined as the act of killing oneself intentionally; however, the treatise presents several alternate definitions of the term. Write an essay discussing the significance of the treatise's definitions. How does suicide play a role in Steppenwolf's life?

2. Compare and contrast Goethe and Mozart. Why does Steppenwolf classify them both as Immortals even though he believes they profess different ideologies?

3. Write an essay discussing the role of women in Steppenwolf's life. How does each woman affect him and how does she move Steppenwolf to self-discovery? Consider the aunt, Erica, Hermine, and Maria.

4. In the Preface, the nephew admits that Steppenwolf's manuscript consists of "partly diseased, partly beautiful, and thoughtful fantasies." Write an essay discussing the reality of the Magic Theater.

5. Write an essay discussing the treatise's statement that individuals exist of "a thousand selves." To what extent is this premise proved or disproved within the novel?