Character Analysis Pablo


Pablo is an enigmatic character. Even Steppenwolf does not know what to make of him. In the beginning, he seems to simply be a musician and friend to Hermine; however, the more the reader gets to know Hermine, the more the reader realizes there is no such thing as a simple relationship or friendship with her.

Steppenwolf first describes Pablo as "a pretty nonentity, a little beau, and somewhat empty at that, as happy as a child for whom there are no problems, whose joy is to dribble into his toy trumpet and who is kept quiet with praises and chocolate." In reality, if that term can even be used in relation to this novel, Pablo is key to Steppenwolf's transformation, for he runs the Magic Theater.

As with Maria, Hermine establishes the nature of the relationship between Steppenwolf and Pablo. He is aloof and childlike toward Steppenwolf in the beginning. Hermine is actually preparing Steppenwolf for his experience in the Magic Theater, but in order to do so, she arranges for Pablo to reveal himself to Steppenwolf in degrees.

The first indication that he is not simply a musician comes about when he provides Steppenwolf with some cocaine to enhance his mood. Later on, after they have become friends, Pablo reveals that he and Maria are lovers as well, and he even asks Maria and Steppenwolf to participate in an orgy. Each revelation shocks Steppenwolf to some degree, but it also serves to reveal other selves — selves that Steppenwolf did not realize existed.

Pablo's most important performance occurs in the Magic Theater. This is the first moment in the novel where he appears to be a whole character, meaning that he has complex dialogue and an obvious connection to Steppenwolf's soon-to-be transformation. Pablo tells Steppenwolf, "It is the world of your own soul that you seek. Only within yourself exists that other reality for which you long."

Although Pablo can be credited with creating all the galleries in the Magic Theater, it is his role as the chess player in the "GUIDANCE IN THE BUILDING UP OF THE PERSONALITY. SUCCESS GUARANTEED" gallery that is critical to Steppenwolf and his self-discovery. As the chess player, Pablo teaches Steppenwolf that life can continually be revised and, most importantly, that there can always be a better outcome.