Study Help Essay Questions


1. Discuss in detail Shaw's view of Saint Joan. How is his view of her different in its historical context or from the way in which others have portrayed her? Does Shaw aim toward historical accuracy?

2. Once Shaw said that the first three scenes were "just theatre to get you interested — now [with Scene Four] the play begins." Discuss, first of all, what Shaw meant by "just theatre," and then discuss what he meant about Scene Four being the real beginning of the drama.

3. What possible meanings, real and ironic, could Shaw mean by entitling his play Saint Joan? Discuss Shaw's possible views toward saints and miracles and voices.

4. Discuss what is meant by the terms "Protestantism" and "Nationalism," as used by Cauchon and Warwick. How do each of the terms threaten either the Church or the aristocracy?

5. Discuss in detail the function of the Epilogue. Consider the play without the Epilogue and how its absence would change the nature of the play.

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