Character List and Analysis Minor Characters


Mr. Freeman

Melinda's art teacher, he serves as a role model for her on how to use art to express and deal with difficult emotions.


Melinda's former best friend; her relationship with Andy Evans spurs Melinda to speak up.

David Petrakis

Melinda's lab partner; he speaks up against Mr. Neck's poor behavior as a teacher and thus serves as both a role model and friend for Melinda.


One of Melinda's former friends, Ivy reconnects with her through art and their shared distaste for Andy Evans.

Mr. Neck

Melinda's history teacher, he abuses his authority in the classroom to push his own ideas until David Petrakis stands up to him.


Melinda's mother, she works extra-long hours in a clothing store and is always stressed and exhausted.


Melinda's father, he has a less demanding job than her mom and is not always as helpful around the house as he could be.

Principal Principal

Melinda's nickname for her inept principal, he is unable to understand her situation or adequately discipline other students.


Melinda's nickname for her English teacher, she tries her best to get her students engaged with literature and writing.

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