Summary and Analysis Part II: Chapter 27


Mr. Halloway and the boys walk back towards home. Gaining entrance to his home and his room without disturbing his mother poses no problem for Jim. He simply uses the secret iron-runged ladder that he and Will installed under his bedroom window several years ago. Seeing this secret ladder intensifies even more Mr. Halloway's unhappiness with himself. Sadly and painfully he realizes anew that he is too old to run like Jim and Will any more.

In an unguarded moment, Will almost tells his father everything that has been happening, but, once again, shadows on his father's face, the whiteness of his skin, coupled with the hope that the Carnival might be gone tomorrow, make him change his mind. Also, his knowledge of the wickedness inherent in this Carnival gives him the insight that everyone who knows the Carnival's secrets could be hurt. Will hopes, by his silence, to protect his father from any possible injury because of the Carnival.