Character List


Caroline (Carrie) Meeber A naive young girl who goes to Chicago to seek her fortune and succumbs to the "cosmopolitan standard of virtue."

Charles Drouet A "drummer," or traveling salesman, who rescues Carrie from starvation and makes her his mistress.

Minnie Hanson Carrie's married elder sister, with whom she stays when she first arrives in Chicago.

Sven Hanson Minnie's husband, severe and practical.

George Hurstwood A friend of Drouet's who steals a great deal of money from his employers and virtually kidnaps Carrie. Once a pillar of society, he is later struck low by fortune.

Julia Hurstwood George Hurstwood's wife is a jealous, self-centered woman who is largely responsible for his ruin.

Jessica Hurstwood The Hurstwoods' snobbish, supercilious daughter is sixteen years old as the novel begins.

George Hurstwood, Jr. The Hurstwoods' son is nineteen at the beginning of the story. He is independent and self-important.

Mrs. Frank Hale An attractive thirty-five-year-old woman who has an apartment in the 29 Ogden Place building where Carrie lives with Drouet. Mrs. Hale stimulates Carrie's craving for wealth and elegance. Her husband is manager of the Standard theater.

Harry Quincel Member of the Custer Lodge of the Elks who supervises the amateur performance of Augustin Daly's "Under the Gaslight."

Mr. Millice An imperious young man who directs the amateur production of "Under the Gaslight" at Avery Hall.

Mrs. Morgan A young woman who plays the part of Pearl in "Under the Gaslight".

Mr. Bamberger Member of the original cast of "Under the Gaslight." He is replaced in the part of Ray by Patton, a "loafing professional."

Mr. Kenny A Chicago stockbroker whom Hurstwood encounters in Montreal.

Shaughnessy Hurstwood's partner in the Warren Street bar in New York.

Mrs. Vance A young woman who sets Carrie's standards of taste in New York.

Bob Ames Cousin to Mrs. Vance; a studious young man whose serious view of life gives Carrie cause to question her own values.

Mr. Cargill Chicago stable-owner who meets Hurstwood by chance in New York.

Lola Osborne A young actress; Carrie's roommate and confidante.

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