Character List


Gawain The main character of the story, the bravest of King Arthur's knights, famed for his "courtesy." He takes the Green Knight's challenge on behalf of Arthur and Camelot.

The Green Knight Fantastic creature who appears at King Arthur's Christmas feast. He is also Bertilak of Hautdesert.

Bertilak (or Bercilak) of Hautdesert Gawain's host at the castle he mysteriously finds on Christmas Eve. He is also the Green Knight.

The Lady of Hautdesert Unnamed wife of Bertilak and the lady of the castle. The extraordinarily beautiful and charming lady spends three days trying to tempt Gawain.

King Arthur Legendary king of the Britons, founder of the Round Table. Gawain's uncle and Morgan's half-brother.

The guide One of Bertilak's servants, sent to lead Gawain from Hautdesert to the Green Chapel.

Morgan le Fay Enchantress and resident of Bertilak's court at Hautdesert. Gawain's aunt and Arthur's half-sister.

Guenevere Arthur's queen and a legendary beauty.