Character List


Silas Marner A weaver; a pale, bent man with protruding eyes and poor eyesight. He is an outcast from his original home and church and at Raveloe lives a lonely, miserly existence until his gold is stolen and a child comes to replace it.

Eppie The daughter of Godfrey Cass by a secret marriage. She is found by Silas in his cottage after her mother dies in the snow outside. He raises her as his own daughter.

Godfrey Cass Eppie's father. He regrets his secret marriage and wishes to marry Nancy Lammeter, but he lacks the moral courage to try to find any solution to his problems. He prefers to wait on chance.

Nancy Lammeter Daughter of a wealthy landowner. She combines beauty with strength of character and high principles. She wishes to marry Godfrey but will not do so until she feels that he has reformed.

Dunstan Cass Godfrey's brother. Dunstan is vain, arrogant, and deceitful and appears to have no redeeming qualities. He robs Silas and disappears with the money until his body is found in the quarry.

Squire Cass The most important citizen of Raveloe, father of Godfrey and Dunstan. He is alternately indulgent and overly strict.

Priscilla Lammeter Nancy's sister, a plain-looking woman but not sensitive about it. She is direct and mannish in her actions and is able to laugh freely at herself.

Mr. Lammeter Father of Nancy and Priscilla.

Molly Farren Godfrey's wife, once pretty but degraded by her addiction to opium.

William Dane Silas' closest friend at Lantern Yard. He betrays Silas and marries the woman to whom Silas was engaged.

Dolly Winthrop Wife of the wheelwright. She gives Silas aid and advice with Eppie and becomes Eppie's godmother.

Aaron Dolly's son, who later marries Eppie.

Mr. Macey A tailor; he is one of the most engaging inhabitants of Raveloe and a leader of opinion among the lower classes.

Mr. Snell Landlord of the Rainbow; a peacemaker in all arguments.

Bob Lundy The butcher. A good-natured, reticent man.

Mr. Dowlas A farrier, or veterinarian; a strong believer in his own opinions, which usually differ from those of his neighbors. He thinks of himself as a strict rationalist.

Mr. Tookey Macey's assistant, the butt of much sarcasm from the other men.

Ben Winthrop A wheelwright, Dolly's husband, a humorous man who enjoys the company and the drink at the Rainbow.

Jem Rodney A poacher. At first, Silas suspects him of stealing his gold because Jem had once sat too long by Silas' fire.

Solomon Macey A locally famous fiddler, brother of the tailor.

Mr. Osgood The uncle of Nancy and Priscilla, his sister having married Mr. Lammeter.

Mrs. Osgood She and Nancy are very close despite being related only by marriage.

Mr. Crackenthorp Rector of the church at Raveloe. He sets an example in eating, drinking, and dancing, as well as in religious observances.

Mrs. Crackenthorp "A small blinking woman who fidgeted incessantly."

Dr. Kimble An apothecary, called "doctor" by tradition, although he has no diploma. He is Godfrey's uncle and godfather.

Mrs. Kimble Wife of the doctor and sister of Squire Cass. "Her diameter was in direct proportion" to her dignity, which is very great.

The Misses Gunn Guests at the New Year's dance. They come from higher society and are dressed in the height of fashion.

Miss Ladbrook A less fashionable guest at the dance.

Mr. Paston Silas' old minister at Lantern Yard.

Sarah The woman to whom Silas was engaged at Lantern Yard.

Bob Cass One of Godfrey's two other brothers, in addition to Dunstan.

Jane Nancy's serving maid after her marriage to Godfrey.

Bryce The acquaintance to whom Dunstan sells Godfrey's horse, Wildfire, at the hunt at Batherly.

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