Character Analysis Anne Steele


A spinster of nearly thirty, Anne is tactless and vulgar. She follows Lucy's lead in everything and is often reprimanded by her sister for her foolish chatter, which is concerned with two main topics, beaux and clothes.

Though a gossip, she manages to keep Lucy's secret until the day when she imagines that Mrs. Ferrars likes Lucy and would welcome her as a daughter-in-law. Then she eagerly tells of Lucy's engagement and incurs her sister's wrath.

She is curious about other people's affairs, especially their romances, and listens at doors, having no scruples about repeating what she overhears. Elinor Dashwood reproves her for this, but Anne only says, "Oh, la! there is nothing in that. I only stood at the door, and heard what I could. And I am sure Lucy would have done just the same by me."

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