Study Help Practice Projects


1. Create a Web site to introduce A Separate Peace to other readers. Design pages to intrigue and inform your audience and invite other readers to post their thoughts and responses to their reading of the novel.

2. Choose a scene from the novel and dramatize it for other classes. The production will require putting the scene in play form (freely adapting according to inspiration), assigning roles, directing, and staging the production. Follow the performance with a discussion of the novel's themes.

3. For a creative writing assignment, imagine Brinker's visit to Devon after 15 years. What places would he visit? What particular events would he recall? How would his time at Devon have affected the rest of his life?

4. Go to the library or news archives to research newspaper articles about the World War II battles and events mentioned in the novel. How was the war progressing during the Summer Session of 1942 and the following Winter Session? Discuss what effect the news might have on boys in school during this time.