Study Help Essay Questions


1. In "The Gift" and "The Promise," describe Jody Tiflin's relationship with his father and contrast it with his relationship with Billy Buck.

2. In "The Gift," what is the cause of Gabilan's death?

3. Explain Jody's fascination with the Great Mountains.

4. What is Jody's reaction to and feelings about Old Gitano's leaving the Tiflin farm?

5. Account for the irony in the title of "The Promise."

6. Steinbeck seems more concerned with Billy Buck than with Jody in "The Promise." Why?

7. In "The Leader of the People," what does Carl Tiflin object to concerning his father-in-law's visit to the farm?

8. In "The Leader of the People," what does the term "westering" mean?

9. In The Chrysanthemums, what qualities about the traveling repairman excite Elisa most?

10. Why does he deceive Elisa?

11. In Flight, contrast the code of manhood in Monterey with the Torres' code of manhood.

12. Describe Pepé's death in terms of his manhood.

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