Character Analysis Marquis de la Mole

Although the marquis, like the mayor, prepares his own misery in that he makes Julien his protégé, he is treated with more deference and respect by Stendhal than is the mayor. He would represent the father Stendhal would have wanted. Julien first usurps the role of son from Norbert, then that of father of Mathilde. The same pattern is visible in both families into which Julien enters: M. de Rênal cannot forsake his wife, who in turn loves Julien; M. de la Mole cannot get along without Mathilde, who is hopelessly in love with Julien. In his role of the generous father vis-à-vis the hero, M. de la Mole prefigures the same role to be played by Mosca in the Charterhouse.

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After Julien dies, what does Mathilde do?


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