Character List


Robinson Crusoe The narrator of the story. Crusoe sets sail at nineteen years of age, despite his father's demand that he stay at home and be content with his "middle station" in life. Crusoe eventually establishes a farm in Brazil and realizes he is living the life his father planned for him, but he is half a world away from England. Crusoe agrees to sail to the Guinea Coast to trade for slaves, but when a terrible storm blows up, he is marooned on an island, alone. He spends 35 years there, and his time on the island forms the basis of the novel.

Captain's Widow The wife of the first captain to take young Crusoe under his wing. Crusoe leaves his savings with the widow, who looks after his money with great care. Crusoe sees her again after he leaves the island and returns to England; she encourages him to settle in England.

Xury A servant on the ship on which young Crusoe is a slave; Xury is loyal to Crusoe when the two escape. Xury's devotion to Crusoe foreshadows the role Friday later plays, although young Crusoe later sells Xury back into slavery for a profit.

the Captain of the Ship The captain of the ship that rescues young Crusoe and Xury; this man befriends young Crusoe and offers him money and guidance. They reunite after Crusoe's 35 years on the island.

Friday A "savage" whom Crusoe rescues from certain death at the hands of cannibals. Friday is handsome, intelligent, brave, and loyal, none of which are qualities usually associated with "savages." He serves Crusoe faithfully throughout his life.

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