Summary and Analysis Chapter 44



The Countess Gemini has not been a welcome visitor in her brother's home. But she has received an invitation and is preparing for a visit when she receives a call from Henrietta Stackpole. Henrietta asks the Countess for some information about Isabel, and explains that Osmond doesn't like her. The Countess has to admit that her brother doesn't like her either. The Countess tells Henrietta that she knows little about her brother's house, but has been informed that Lord Warburton is there and is making love to Isabel. Henrietta decides that she must leave on the next train to Rome.

Before leaving Florence, Henrietta meets Caspar Goodwood, who has come again to Europe because he has heard how unhappy Isabel is. He and Henrietta discuss Isabel's plight and decide to take the same train to Rome.


The concern Isabel's friends have for her attests to her good nature and fine qualities. Osmond's dislike of these same people brings out his basic ill nature. James is slowly bringing most of the main characters together in Rome for a final round of confrontations.

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