Study Help Essay Questions


1. What qualities does Isabel possess which induce her to fall in love with Gilbert Osmond?

2. How does Henrietta Stackpole's function as a confidante differ from Ralph's function as confidant?

3. Why does Ralph talk his father into leaving Isabel a huge fortune?

4. How much of a disinterested spectator in Isabel's career is Ralph Touchett?

5. What qualities does Madame Merle possess which will enable her to deceive Isabel?

6. Why does Isabel refuse Lord Warburton's proposal?

7. How is Isabel's rejection of Lord Warburton important to Osmond's view of her?

8. Why does Isabel find it difficult to tell Ralph the exact nature of her marriage?

9. Why does Isabel return to Osmond at the end of the novel?

10. What accounts for Isabel's attraction to Pansy Osmond?

11. How much is Isabel responsible for Lord Warburton's refusing to propose to Pansy?

12. What has Isabel learned during the course of the novel?

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