Character List


Isabel Archer A young American girl of a free and independent nature who becomes an heiress.

Mrs. Touchett Isabel's aunt, who brings Isabel to England and introduces her to European society.

Mr. Touchett Isabel's uncle, who is a wealthy banker living in England.

Ralph Touchett Isabel's cousin, who talks his father into making Isabel an heiress.

Lord Warburton A very wealthy and important English nobleman who falls in love with Isabel.

Caspar Goodwood Isabel's American suitor, who follows her to Europe to persuade her to marry him.

Henrietta Stackpole An independent young lady who is Isabel's friend.

Madame Merle Mrs. Touchett's friend, who becomes a confidante and close companion of Isabel's.

Gilbert Osmond Madame Merle's friend who later marries Isabel.

Pansy Osmond Gilbert Osmond's daughter, who develops a great admiration for Isabel.

Edward Rosier A childhood acquaintance of Isabel's, who falls in love with Pansy Osmond.

Countess Gemini Gilbert Osmond's sister, who is later instrumental in helping Isabel come to some realizations about Osmond.

Mr. Bantling An Englishman who accompanies Henrietta Stackpole on many of her excursions throughout Europe.

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