Character List


Dr. Bernard Rieux The surgeon — narrator of The Plague.

Jean Tarrou The best friend of Rieux. His notebooks are used as part of the chronicle.

Father Paneloux A priest in Oran.

Raymond Rambert A Paris journalist trapped in Oran.

Joseph Grand A petty official, also a writer.

Cottard A criminal who hides from arrest in Oran.

M. Michel A concierge, the plague's first victim.

Madame Rieux The mother of Dr. Rieux. She comes to visit her son during the first days of the plague.

Madame Rieux Dr. Rieux' wife, who dies in a mountain sanitarium outside Oran.

The old Spaniard An asthmatic philosopher.

M. Othon Oran's police magistrate.

Jacques Othon A young victim of the plague, son of the police magistrate.

Dr. Richard A conservative colleague of Dr. Rieux.

Prefect The chief magistrate of Oran.

Dr. Castel An elderly doctor who perfects a new plague serum.

Jeanne Grand The divorced wife of the petty official.

Gonzales, Garcia, Raoul, Marcel, and Louis Rambert's underground contacts.

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